Councilwoman Cheri Jackson has contributed so much to the success of our new city. She has represented her constituents well, and contributed long hours of service to Millcreek, particularly with our Promise Program, our Youth Council and working with SLC Public Utilities on water issues. She has been invaluable to me in our discussions with Salt Lake City concerning the Brickyard. She attends Community Council meetings (all 4 of them are part of her district) and she is always thoughtful, prepared and collaborative in our City Council meetings. She has done a great job, which is why I am endorsing her candidacy for re-election to represent District 3.
— Jeff Silvestrini, Mayor of Millcreek
Cheri has supported the Mt Olympus Community Council in every way possible. While actively focusing on every topic we’ve asked for her leadership on, she has continually been responsive to our needs while always respecting our grass roots perspectives.
— David Baird, Chair Mt. Olympus Community Council
Cheri Jackson is a council member that works with the people in her district, listening to their questions, comments, and complaints. She is a team player working with the Mayor and other council members to solve problems and get answers to our questions and concerns.
From the time that the city became a city she has worked with the Highland Drive Business Alliance to make Highland Drive more business friendly and improve the area to help local small businesses succeed.
We are looking forward to working with Cheri for the next four years as this area becomes the City Center.
— Carol Elliott, Highland Drive Business Alliance Chairman
Cheri Jackson has done a fantastic job representing District 3 on the Millcreek City Council. She is always accessible and has been a true champion of the interests of our neighborhood. We are well served with her on the city council.
— Nate Gibby, Canyon Rim Is Community
Having attended many Millcreek City Council meetings, I have watched Cheri at work; she is always a voice of reason and you can see that the Mayor and other council members seek and respect her opinion. Cheri listens to all sides of an issue and then makes sound decisions.

I have also watched Cheri work hard outside of these meetings – she is not afraid to get down in the dirt with Millcreek residents! She takes the time to really get to know the people of District 3 and she represents the entire district well. Cheri supports her constituents and stands behind her promises.

I believe that she would be the BEST representative for District 3 and I am proud to endorse Cheri as she seeks reelection.
— Suzanne Dunbar, Canyon Rim Citizen's Association
What is more important than responsive and honest city and community government to our
everyday lives? I have never been more than a phone call or an email away from my Canyon
Rim representative, Cheri Jackson. She has so often worked side-by-side with me and other
community volunteers to accomplish what needed to be done.
She is a cheerleader and supporter of family and business emergency preparedness – my particular community passion. I will be voting for her re-election.
— Linda Milne, Emergency Specialist
Cheri Jackson has earned the trust, and re-election to her Millcreek District 3 Council seat by her diligence, hard work, attention to details, and her earnest and sincere compassion for our friends, neighbors, and citizens that reside in the Canyon Rim community.
I wholeheartedly and without reservation, endorse and support Councilperson Jackson’s re-election to the Millcreek City Council.
— Jeff Waters, Chair Canyon Rim Citizen's Association
Because we live on a major walking route to Rosecrest Elementary, we were concerned about how fast cars drove around the corner where we live. I contacted Cheri Jackson to see if she could help find a solution. Shortly thereafter, Cheri brought two engineers from Millcreek City Salt Lake County over to assess the problem. They came up with an idea that involved some simple striping on the road, and it worked! We are grateful to Cheri for being willing to personally take the time to make our corner a safer place.
— Scott & Julie Bringhurst
Ed and I are happy to endorse Councilwomen Cheri Jackson for reelection to Millcreek City County District 3.

Serving as Utah VOAD Chair Region 2, I appreciate that Councilwomen Jackson attends our VOAD Reg 2 meetings regularly. Cheri understands the importance of fostering a resilient community.

Building a new city requires commitment, determination, and vision. In the last two years, Cheri has shown that she is determined to do what is best and right for her constiuents and the city.
— Lisa & Ed Bagley
I am pleased to offer my endorsement for Cheri Jackson to continue serving on the Millcreek City Council for another term!! Over these 3 years, I have observed her willingness to offer suggestions and opinions from her neighbors and the citizens from her district. She is a good listener, respectful of others and works hard to include others to come to the table.

As a city council, we have worked hard to encourage public engagement. In the process, Cheri has earned my respect and the respect of others. While she was elected to represent District #3, she has demonstrated her desire to also be fair and understanding to our citizens throughout the city. She is a team builder, not a complainer. I have found her to be responsive and available when called upon.

I heartily support Cheri Jackson in her bid to serve another four years on Millcreek’s City Council!
— Dwight Marchant, Millcreek City Councilmember District 2
I have had the pleasure of working alongside Cheri as a City Council member, as well as have her as a longtime neighbor. It is so great to serve with someone who has grown up, and raised her family here. She always contributes to our healthy discussions regarding smart planning, transparent and fiscal responsibilities, and she has a pulse on the community. Cheri has been our Councilmember over Emergency Management, Youth Council, and has engaged in so many community activities. She brings such a positive attitude, foresight for the future of Millcreek, and will continue to serve residents of District 3 and Millcreek. Please vote for continuity, community, and someone you can trust. Vote Cheri Jackson for re-election.
— Bev Uipi, Millcreek City Councilmember District 4
When our street was scheduled to be repaved, the contractor informed us that they would need to cut down many of the 50-year-old trees growing in our neighborhood. We contacted Cheri Jackson and she quickly facilitated a conversation between the City, the contractor, and concerned residents. As a result, the contractor came up with a way to get the job done without taking down any trees. We are grateful for Cheri’s support in addressing our concerns.
— David Havell, Gregson Ave. resident