Millcreek City is up and running! The City Council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month to plan and prepare for our new city. If you would like to see the City Council meeting agenda's and past meeting minutes, visit our website

As we have just finished our first year, I want to give you a brief update of major city milestones. 

Millcreek has:

  • Withdrawn from the MSD and taken control of our city finances
  • Negotiated competitive contracts with Salt Lake County for many City services such as public works, engineering, animal control, justice court, and parks
  • Secured office space at below market rate
  • Hired a City Manager and other essential city staff to oversee the day-to-day operations of the City and to ensure that all services and City resources are carefully managed
  • Appointed a City Planning Commission and hired a Planning Director and City Planners so that this service is managed by and fully accountable to Millcreek 
  • Brought the City Emergency Management in-house to develop our City Emergency Plan and ensure that Millcreek residents and businesses are prepared and capable of rebounding in the event of a disaster
  • Started work on a City General Plan to create a vision and long range plan for future growth and development. If you would like to participate in the General Plan process, please visit
  • Started work to update and re-work Millcreek’s zoning ordinances 
  • Withdrawn from the Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area taxing district and negotiated our own contract with Unified Police Department for our police services. This enabled the City to hire 6 additional officers.
  • Established in-house Code Enforcement 
  • Began issuing business licenses through Millcreek city 

To contact any of the City departments or staff, you can call the main City phone number 801-214-2700.

If you would like to talk--to share a concern or idea--I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to email me at You are also to welcome to call me at 801.214.2703.  

Cheri Jackson