Three years ago, you shared your priorities with me as we were starting our new city. I listened! Here is what we have accomplished so far—all without raising taxes! Together with the City Council, I have:

  • Taken control of our city finances by withdrawing from the Municipal Services District with no disruption of service to Millcreek residents.

  • Managed a fiscally responsible budget, allowing the City to earn a AA+ bond rating—the highest rating possible for a city of our size!

  • Negotiated competitive contracts with Salt Lake County.

  • Negotiated our own contract with the Unified Police Department for our police services. This enabled the City to create the Community Crime Suppression Unit adding 6 officers without increasing your property taxes.

  • Improved transparency and communication with Millcreek residents. We have started a weekly City email, and have developed an extensive City website to keep Millcreek residents informed and provide access to City information; we also mail the Millcreek News regularly.

  • Internalized business license processes.  Millcreek has licensed almost 1000 new businesses since incorporation and sales tax revenue is up 8% so far this year.

  • Created the Millcreek Business Council to help Millcreek businesses thrive and be successful.

  • Secured office space at below market rate.

  • Hired a City Manager and other essential city staff to ensure that all services and City resources are carefully managed.

  • Established in-house Engineering services.

  • Established a City Planning Department so that this service is managed by, and fully accountable to, Millcreek.

  • Created a building department that issues all building permits and conducted inspections with Millcreek personnel. This ensures that the building and plans inspectors are accountable to Millcreek’s citizens. Plans examiners and permit techs are also available to meet with residents throughout their design and building process.

  • Created and adopted a City General Plan.  After hundreds of hours of consultation with Millcreek residents, we have created a vision and long-range plan to shape future growth and development.

  • Updated and re-worked Millcreek’s zoning ordinances and codes. Upon incorporation we adopted the existing Salt Lake County codes and zoning that Millcreek had been operating under. Much of this had not been updated for decades. Addressing these issues is an ongoing process and I am committed to transparency and public engagement through each step of the way.

  • Established in-house City Emergency Management to develop our City Emergency Plan and ensure that Millcreek residents and businesses are prepared for and capable of rebounding in the event of a disaster.

  • Organized the Millcreek Promise program.

  • Organized the Millcreek Youth Council.

  • Worked as a member of boards and committees to represent you.  I am currently sitting on the Millcreek Emergency Resiliency Council, Millcreek Promise Executive Leadership Council, Highland Drive Business Alliance, Business Promotion Committee, Business Emergency Preparedness Committee, and as the Millcreek Youth Council adviser. I regularly attend all four Community Council meetings and have been involved in securing the Rosecrest emergency cache.

It has been a privilege to represent District 3. I hope to continue serving our community for the next 4 years. I would appreciate your support. Let’s work together for our city and our bright future!