Cheri Jackson’s history with Millcreek began a little over 50 years ago when her parents moved into their home in the Canyon Rim area just prior to her birth. Cheri and her husband Romm bought their home, not far from her childhood home, 20 years ago and Cheri has been active in the community ever since. 

Cheri Jackson is a:

  • Wife of Romm Jackson and mother of four sons
  • BYU graduate
  • Active, involved, leader of our community
  • Founding board member of the Impact United Soccer Club. Impact serves over 3000 youth soccer players in the Salt Lake area. 
  • Founding board member of Canyon Rim Academy, a K—6 public charter school. 
  • Former PTA President, member of Skyline Council PTA, Canyon Rim Elementary and Wasatch Jr. High Community Councils
  • Cub Scout leader
  • People person who likes to work with others on projects that benefit the community

Cheri was born in Millcreek and raised in the District 3 area.  She moved away for seven years but came back because she realized, in her time away, that there is no place like Millcreek to raise a family.  She is committed to the area for the immediate and the long-term future.

Cheri helped form the Impact United Soccer Club in 2002 and served on the Board of Directors until 2010.  (This brought together the recreation programs of the Olympus, Skyline, Highland, and Cottonwood areas.)  Cheri also worked as the registrar for the Recreation division of Impact beginning in 2008 and continued with them until last spring.  The program is one of the largest and best run recreation leagues in the state, and multiple coaches have brought teams from outside the area to participate in the program. 

When Granite School District first attempted to close Canyon Rim in 2003, she worked with a small group of parents, Granite School District board members, and administrators -- and was successful in keeping the school open.

In 2005, the school district again decided to close Canyon Rim, and this time they could not be persuaded otherwise.  Concerned about how the closure would affect the community, Cheri worked with other parents to research, write and successfully secure a charter from the State for Canyon Rim Academy, a K-6 public charter school. Then, she served on the CRA Board of Directors from 2006—2010, getting the school up and running. 

Cheri works well with others which will be helpful as this will be an intense, collaborative effort. Cheri will bring a fresh perspective and new energy to the Millcreek City Council. Cheri is excited about the bright future of Millcreek City and would love the opportunity to give back to the community that has been such an important influence in her life and the life of her family.