Boundary Adjustment!

After several months of meetings and negotiation with Salt Lake City, we have reached a preliminary agreement on a boundary adjustment. The area between Richmond Avenue (1300 E) and Highland Drive, and Woodland Avenue and Miller Avenue would be annexed into Millcreek. The 2300 East freeway roundabout and surrounding area would also be annexed into our City. These areas are currently Salt Lake City property and would become part of District 3.

This boundary adjustment is in lieu of Millcreek annexing the Brickyard Plaza. Salt Lake City had absolutely no incentive to give Millcreek the Brickyard. The legislation that came up last session would have only given the property owners in the Brickyard area the option to change municipalities if they were interested. It would not have changed ownership of Brickyard.

What we found was that the property owners were trying to see which city would give them a better deal. We weren’t sure if they would even choose to annex into Millcreek if the legislation had passed.

Additionally, surrounding cities and the Utah League of Cities and Towns did not like the legislature meddling in municipal boundaries and were opposing the bill.

So while this doesn’t give us the entire Brickyard area, it gives us a key piece which bisects the proposed Millcreek City Center area. I think it’s a good outcome given Salt Lake City didn’t want to make any changes a year ago.

We will also now be able to spend a little money on the roundabout and give it a xeriscape landscape and create an attractive entrance to our City.

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